Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care from Our Lake Charles Veterinarian

At Bayou South Animal Hospital in Lake Charles, LA, we stress the importance of dental health for pets.  Without hands or the use of man-made products, pets use their teeth and tongues for grooming and as tools or weapons as well as for eating.  Make an appointment with our vet at Bayou South Animal Hospital in Lake Charles, LA, for issues ranging from swollen gums, tooth extractions, or even a wellness exam and dental cleaning for your pets.


Pet Dental Issues and Treatment from Our Veterinarian

Inflammation and Bleeding

If your pet’s gums appear bright pink and swollen, an examination from our vet will determine whether the cause is gingivitis, stomatitis, or periodontal disease.  These conditions usually present similar symptoms, including inflammation, bleeding, lack of appetite, weight loss, and disinterest in grooming. 

Getting enough food is vital to good health, so seek vet care immediately if you notice these.  Your vet can prescribe the appropriate medication to address infection and relieve the pain, and also may recommend a thorough dental cleaning to remove plaque.  

Tooth Extractions

As periodontal disease progresses, it affects the gums and teeth as well as other parts of the body.  Advanced cases of periodontal disease even goes so far as to cause heart, lung, and kidney damage. 

At-Home Care:  Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

If your pets are socialized well and tolerates you opening their jaws, you can prevent a great deal of dental problems by brushing their teeth with a pet toothpaste regularly.  Dogs and cats accumulate different types of bacteria in their mouths than humans do, but their teeth also collect plaque like ours. Making a habit of brushing will stop a number of dental diseases.

Preventative Vet Care:  Exams and Dental Cleaning

Get ahead of the problem by adding a pet dental check-up during visits to your veterinarian.  A thorough dental cleaning by an expert offers the best way of removing plaque buildup, and your vet can note any possible red flags that might develop into issues later.

Bayou South Animal Hospital in Lake Charles, LA, offers experienced and compassionate vet care.  Call us to bring your furry family member in for an appointment!


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