Veterinarian Services

We want to make your pet a part of our family. With our many services, we can help you for the entire life of your pet. Our animal hospital also accepts Care Credit among other payment forms to help you pay for the services. At Bayou South Animal Hospital in Lake Charles, LA, we offer the following services:

Emergency Care and Urgent Care

When your pet has an injury, severe illness, or another emergency, phone us immediately at (337)480-1500 during office hours for your small pet. If your cat or dog has an emergency or need for urgent care after hours, we recommend that you contact The Pet Emergency Clinic at (337) 562-0400. They are located at 1501 W. McNeese Street Lake Charles, LA.

For equine and bovine emergency care, call our office at any time. We can connect you to our large animal vet during operating hours. If you contact us after hours, choose the prompts to reach our large animal vet on call to respond to your animal's emergency.

In-House Diagnostics and Radiology

With our extensive in-house diagnostics and radiology, our vets can get faster responses to tests that they request for your animal. Whether the veterinarian suspects a broken bone that requires a radiology scan for an x-ray or needs a blood test run, our animal hospital has the equipment to complete these tasks and more.

Dental Care

All animals need dental care. Cats and dogs can still get cavities or need tooth extractions. If your pet shows signs of tooth problems such as bad breath, not eating, or drooling, contact our clinic for a dental checkup of your pet.

Boarding and Grooming

Our animal hospital provides boarding and grooming services for cats and dogs. Our grooming services include baths for dogs, shaving, sanitary shaving, anal sac expression, and nail trimming.

When you go out of town, contact us to take care of your cat or dog while you are gone. Cats and dogs boarding in our kennels experience twice-daily meals, veterinarian monitoring, playtime, and more.  Contact us for more information about availability and requirements for pets boarding with us.

Surgery and Laser Therapy

Not all conditions respond to conservative treatments. If your pet needs surgery or laser therapy, our animal hospital provides those. Sometimes, we combine these procedures to get better results. For instance, laser therapy after surgery can reduce pain and inflammation while speeding the healing of the incision site. If the vet recommends surgery for your pet, trust our staff to care for your pet before, during, and after the operation.


It can be difficult to say goodbye to your pet. But you do not have to be alone in this difficult time. Our veterinarian can help you to ease your pet's suffering through euthanasia. Yes, this will be one of the hardest decisions you have to make as a pet owner, but we will be here for you to support you through the process.

Connect with Us for All Your Pet's Needs

If you want to schedule vet services for your cat, dog, bovine, or equine, contact us at Bayou South Animal Hospital in Lake Charles, LA, at (337)480-1500. We can also address any questions that you may have about our services or the types of animals we treat. With our many payment options, including Care Credit, we can help you to get the services your pet needs, regardless of finances.

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