You know that one of the best ways of expressing your love for your new pet is to see that it’s protected and fully cared for. Your veterinarian at Bayou South Animal Hospital in Lake Charles, LA know that vaccinations are at the very foundation of compassionate vet care.


Your pet’s full course of vaccinations is key to protecting against potentially lethal or life-changing medical conditions and optimizing their good health and longevity. Here are some of the conditions our Bayou South veterinarian can protect your dog or pet from.

Distemper – This airborne illness can be contracted relatively easily by both dogs and cats. The germ is airborne and can lead to serious illness and permanent brain damage.

Rabies – This is one of the most serious illnesses your dog or cat can get. It’s infectious, often caused by the bite or scratch of an infected wild or domestic animal, and is always fatal.

Adenovirus Types 1 and 2 – Both forms of this disease can cause serious problems to your dog, especially Type 1. It’s a form of hepatitis that can cause liver damage and death. Type 2 is also known as kennel cough because it can be caught while an animal lives in close contact with other dogs (such as in a kennel). Though not usually fatal, this Adenovirus can leave your dog quite ill.

Parvovirus – Bloody diarrhea and violent vomiting are often the marks of this viral infection that affects dogs.  

Herpesvirus (FVR) – Your cat can suffer serious upper respiratory distress from this highly contagious and painful virus.

Calicivirus – Yet another serious respiratory infection suffered by cats, calicivirus can result in painful joints, mouth ulcers and dramatic weight loss.

Many other vaccines might be appropriate in certain situations. For instance, there’s a canine rattlesnake vaccine if you live in an area where rattlesnakes are a threat. Our vet will recommend the most effective vaccination schedule for your pet. A responsible course of treatment will help ensure your pet lives a long, healthy, and happy life.

Vet Care in Lake Charles, LA

Our Bayou South vet looks forward to meeting your pet, examining its health, and scheduling and administering a full course of vaccinations. For more information on vaccinations or to schedule an appointment, call us at (337) 480-1500. You may also fill out and submit our brief electronic appointment request.

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