Puppy and Kitten Care

Congratulations on becoming a kitten or puppy owner. You now have a companion that requires a bit of care to ensure it grows up happy and healthy. One step that is necessary as a new kitten or puppy owner is making sure your pet has a wellness visit. Contact Bayou South Animal Hospital in Lake Charles to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. Our vets will provide you with puppy or kitten care and we will make a few recommendations regarding your pet’s medical needs throughout its life. We have gathered some kitten and puppy care tips for your pet's first weeks and months to lead it toward a healthy life.


Keep Your Pet Safe At Home

During the younger months of a cat or dog's life, they are extremely curious. This means they could get injured if they explore an area where hazards are present. It is important to look around your home for potential risks to decrease the chance of an injury. Remove any poisonous plants and chemical agents from areas where your kitten or puppy will frequent. Make sure there are no sharp objects in their path. Eliminate any string items so that your pet does not try to eat them.

Get Some Comforts Ready

Your kitten or puppy will need a few items to help stay comfortable, safe, and healthy. This includes a leash and collar for a puppy or a harness and leash for a kitten if you intend on bringing it outside. A kitten will need a litter pan with litter and the container needs to be cleaned regularly. A food dish and a water bowl need to be set up in the same area daily so your pet learns where the feeding area is located. Purchase some toys at a pet store to keep your kitten or puppy entertained as well.

Allow Your Pet To Explore Slowly

In the first days and weeks at your pet's new home, it will likely want to explore the interior constantly. It is best to keep your pet in one room at first. This way it becomes familiar with the area before it heads out into the other rooms. If you have other pets, introduce them to your new kitten or puppy from afar at first. Do not rush the process as many older pets will become concerned about a new family member.

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