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Pet Dermatology from Our Lake Charles, LA Veterinarian

If you've ever had a skin problem, then you know how your beloved pet feels in the same situation. Unlike humans, though, pets can't seek the appropriate treatment for a skin problem alone. Your pet's dermatological health and comfort depend on you, and you can depend on the pet dermatology services from any Lake Charles, LA veterinarian here at Bayou South Animal Hospital.


Common Skin Problems Affecting Pets

Pets can suffer from some of the same kinds of skin problems that humans can. Cats can even develop acne on their chins due to their tendency to rub their faces against objects. Many pets struggle with a skin allergy at some point in their lives. Direct skin contact with allergies can cause the redness and itchiness of contact dermatitis. Inhaled allergens such as pollen, smoke, or mold spores can also produce skin reactions. Even an allergy to a specific food or food additive may manifest itself as dermatitis.

Pests and parasites can cause both contact dermatitis and other skin problems. Fleas, ticks, mites, and fungi can cause produce itchy or painful welts on the skin. One common example is the fungal infection known as ringworm, which can cause ring-shaped areas of irritation and accompanying hair loss. If your pet chews, licks, or bites these irritated areas, he may break the skin and allow bacteria to infect it.

Pets can also develop tumors on their skin. If you feel a strange lump on your pet's body, you may have discovered such a tumor. Many skin tumors turn out to be non-cancerous, but you should always get them checked out, just in case.

Skilled Vet Care to Diagnose and Treat Skin Issues

Our vet care team can help you look after your pet's skin health. Regular wellness exams include both internal and external evaluations, allowing us to check your pet's skin for any welts, lumps, infections, or other abnormalities. The sooner we detect these issues, the more easily we can treat them.

We offer a wide range of treatments for dermatological problems. For instance, our veterinarian may remove a suspicious lump for biopsy to see whether or not cancer treatment is necessary. We can prescribe antihistamines, steroids, and dietary changes to get a skin allergy under control. Antibiotics, pest/parasite prevention plans, and antifungal drugs to help your pet overcome or avoid skin infections and infestations.

Entrust Your Pet's Skin to Bayou South Animal Hospital

Bayou South Animal Hospital in Lake Charles, LA cares about your pet's skin health and comfort. Call (337) 480-1500 today to schedule a wellness exam or to have your pet's skin problem diagnosed and treated!


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