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When your pet needs surgery, it can be stressful for them and yourself. Even though these procedures are routine, you may still worry about their safety and comfort. At Bayou South Animal Hospital, our team understands your concerns. At our Lake Charles, LA office, you'll be welcomed by a team committed to quality vet care. Our veterinarians will provide the information you need to understand the procedure, aftercare, and follow-up appointments.


Spaying and Neutering Surgery

When a pet is spayed (females) or neutered (males), they can no longer reproduce. This is a routine surgery that is done laparoscopically. Deciding to spay or neuter has several health benefits for the pet and controlling the pet population.  While your pet will need care following surgery, they will be able to come home the same day.

Health Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

  • Preventing the heat cycle – Females that are in heat frequently urinate indiscriminately. This can damage furniture and flooring. Spaying can prevent this.
  • Marking territory – It's a natural instinct for pets to mark their territory. Unfortunately, this smells bad and can damage furniture. Neutering helps to resolve this behavior.
  • Curtail wandering – Some dogs develop the habit of wandering off around the neighborhood. This puts them at risk of getting hurt or being lost.
  • Lowering cancer risks – This is perhaps the most important benefit. Spaying and neutering can reduce the risks of several types of cancer. For females, it lowers the risk of breast and uterine tumors. 

Dental Surgery

Your pet, just like you, needs regular dental care. If their teeth aren't routinely cleaned, they can develop periodontal disease. This can lead to tooth loss or requiring teeth extracted. Cleanings, extractions, and other dental procedures are typically performed under anesthesia so that the pet is comfortable and safe.

Removing Skin Masses

As pets age, they can develop tumors underneath the skin. Many times, these are benign tumors that are not harmful. They can, however, sometimes be uncomfortable for your pet. Talk with your vet if you think your pet is experiencing pain or it's limiting their movement.  Removal procedures are simple with a short recovery time.

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